Enfermera para holanda

Otra 14-11-2016

Enfermera para holanda

NIG Zorg Otra 14-11-2016



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Actualmente, NIG Zorg está buscando candidatos para formar parte de su equipo como Enfermera para Holanda en
In the Netherlands there is a big shortage of working staff in the operation room of the hospitals. Therefore the hospitals are looking for staff from other EU countries. NIG Zorg is a job agency which helps a lot of these hospitals to find good people who are open for new experiences and want to develop themselves into well trained staff.

What does NIG Zorg offer?
We offer a 3-year work-study programme for the positions Anesthesia Assistant and Operation Assistant and we can give a job guarantee if you pass your exams.

The 1st year you will have to learn the Dutch language and we teach you something about our culture. After that you will make your first moves in the hospital of Maastricht (4 days a week) and you will start the study (1 day every week).

In the 2nd and 3rd year we will find you a working place in a hospital in the Netherlands where you will work 4 days and you will continue your study, ending with an official exam.

After that NIG Zorg will find a vacancy in a Dutch hospital, so you will have a guaranteed job!

What will be the compensation?
NIG Zorg will take care of your accommodation and will offer you a compensation of € 450 net income per month for the first period. After your Dutch is on a acceptable level (after about 6 months) we will increase this net income to € 750 per month.

The 2nd year you will earn an amount of € 1128 (before taxes) per month and the final year it will be € 1425 (before taxes).

Finally, when you have finished your school and start working fulltime your salary will be € 2316 per month (before taxes).

Who are we looking for?
For this programme we are looking for candidates who have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and are ready to take the adventure and come to Holland! One of your best skills is cooperating with colleagues and you’re able to work under pressure. Finally, but that will be quite clear, you’re interested in working in a hospital.

Requisitos mínimos

El candidato que estamos buscando debe tener los siguientes requisitos: Como mínimo 0 años de experiencia laboral en un campo relacionado Poseer un título en "Master / Postgrado" ó nivel de estudios superior Imprescindible aportar un dominio fluido en Español

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